The best part of growing incredible cannabis? Indulging in the rich sensory experiences when dense trichomes drip with fragrant terpenes and sticky clusters of potent cannabinoids. We take our growing seriously and follow through in processing. We dry, cure, trim, and package all of our bud and products with delicate care.

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We work with retailers to craft premium quality joints or economical pre-rolls to provide the best fit for cannabis consumers of every lifestyle. No matter what strain, size, or type of product, our team handles every item with care. We triple check our orders to ensure the quantity, packaging, and consistency meet our high standards.

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From shatter for dabbing to oil for topicals, Perma works with processors who create their products with as much artisanal care as we grow our plants. Collaboration makes our cannabis community stronger by building supportive business relationships and working with passionate specialists who’ve refined their craft.

Size dependent on product type